Bull Bars & Frontal Protection

Rock Sliders

Rear Bars

Tyre & Jerry Can Holders

Essential for rural and remote travel, bull bars from BC Products 4x4 Accessories will provide improved protection for vulnerable mechanical components against animal strikes whilst providing a solid base for mounting other accessories like including driving lights, winches and CB antennas. Magnificently built to not only maintain maximum functionality, but also to ensure they complement the look of the vehicle, providing the option to add further custom accent statements. Choose a sleek style, or more a functional commercial bar, as well as nudge bars for smaller SUVs and utes.

Protection to the most vulnerable parts of your 4x4 is critical, rock sliders protect your car from rocks and road debris frequently encountered during remote area travel.

Searching for a rear bar to protect your 4x4?

Look no further than the quality rear bars from BC Products 4x4 Accessories. Providing the ultimate protection to your car particularly when traversing steep, rocky terrain. Manufactured to extremely high standards for maximum strength and is designed specifically to suit each vehicle for the optimum fit.

Looking for functional rear 4x4 storage,
without the look of a "universal" carrier?

The custom made Tyre and Jerry Can Holders from BC Products 4x4 Accessories will provide you with the upmost functionally whilst complementing your vehicle. 

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